Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As if . . .

So my dear next neighbor carol person Krista in the grad lab is a lent observing Mormon and suggested we give up blogging for the next 40 days. I thought about it for about 2.3 seconds and have made my decision that I don't have money to pay for repentance and so instead I'll give up homework for the next 40 days instead. Wait, thinking about it again, I should probably make my lent a little more difficult. Instead I'll give up my much frequented site: Though there might be several family members that could provide medical advice, and do, I prefer to dismiss their advice and check webmd and tell Stephen I am certain the end is near. I'm sure Stephen will miss his e-mails confirming that his hypochondriac has only a 20 percent chance of living past next Thursday, but hey Lent is Lent and he'll just have to live without this luxury.

The End.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

embracing ambiquity

Last semester my professor mentioned in passing a theorist who crtiqued the modern western mindset way of knowing. The aspect that was most striking to me was our obsession with control, and our fear of what we can't control, or simply dismiss it as insanity.
This theorist suggested that there are other ways of knowing. Instead of shunning what we don't know, we embrace the ambiguity.

next topic to which I'm too lazy to make a new post:

I hate it when people say "we can always do better :)" (I put the smile in their because it seems they always this with a plastered fake smile on their face exactly like a keyboard :) which I always use painfully in g-chat because i am constricted to a keyboard) oh but wait I'm not done with my overuse of parentheses (my district in the MTC would when I was gone put smiley faces on every page of my notebooks just because they knew I despised smiley faces and thought that was a sign that I needed more happiness in my life. once while we were kneeling praying in a circle I opened my eyes to see the whole district with smiley faces on paper over their faces all right up close to me. haha, speaking of being freaked out. okay the end of parentheses )

we can't always do better
it's impossible
to always be able to do better
we have limits
whether or not
you want to admit it
we do
and so
we might just very well be doing our best

we might
always know better
but that's an entirely different issue

if I sound like I'm ranting it's because I get this way when I listen to Neil Young's "Southern Man"

what to take with you from this post?

We can't control our lives

wow that was a jump but was the purpose of this distracted post

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I ran across this inspiring account while researching for a class project:

"One of the most notable and renowned cases of solitary confinement comes from the story of pastor Richard Wurmbrand who ranks fifth among the greatest Romanians of all time according to the Mari Români poll. In 1948, Wurmbrand was … sentenced to solitary confinement for his involvement in underground churches. Wurmbrand endured years of solitary torture, both mentally and physically all the while composing hundreds of sermons, delivered nightly to an unseen (fictional) congregation. He later committed them to memory by summarizing them in rhymes.
Pastor Wurmbrand was released in 1956, after eight and a half years, and, although warned not to preach, resumed his work in the underground church. He was arrested again in 1959, and sentenced to 25 years. During his imprisonment, he was beaten and tortured."

This was spliced together from two seperate wikipedia articles on solitary confinement and Richard Wurmbrand, respectively. Since I assume that correct citation is not that important for wikipedia, I won't make the effort to correctly cite the sources.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

no we're not pregnant

but that doesn't stop us from looking at names. This is an awesome graph of the popularity of names over the past 130 years or so:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Green thumb anyone?

So Stephen and I are attempting to move beyond our frozen burritos and ramen noodles. Such that even when I saw Ramen noodles at 12 for a dollar at that crazy Macey’s sale last week, I left them alone to be grabbed by the next passerby willing to gain no nutritional value to his diet 12 times for a buck. We’ve improved substantially making whole-wheat bread, eating more fruits and vegetables . . . but still it’s been an interesting transition. I am not one who loves to cook, but I do enjoy eating the food that I have made (even if it is in a breadmaker). Not because it's more fresh or tasty, because quite frankly I'm not that particular when it comes to food. Rather, I enjoy fighting the system. It's an act of rebellion. Now whether or not this system I'm fighting is capitalism and as Marx would call the alienation from our labor, or if I'm rebelling against modernity and our false ideas of efficency I'm not quite sure. Anyway, the consequence of this sudden, almost teenage revolt, has been a sudden interest in square foot gardening and yurts.

The idea of square foot gardening that Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer, came up with and has been used to save time, water, and space in gardening.
Yurt photos
Sorry but if you want a lot of fun you should google "earthships"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stuff White People Like

This is too funny to not post.

Click on the list entries and it's even funnier.

here's another one for latinos

and blacks

but personally the first is the funniest to me a white girl

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And you didn't think I could do it

She said it was "true love" as she saw us two dripping wet.
Yes, I agreed.
Somehow Saturday's momentary motivation to move my stiff limbs somehow let me let Stephen buy us a 2nd pair of goggles so the two of us could match, and a swimming cap. Yes, I said swimming cap and yes with that I was not just letting Stephen spend money 18.65 so I could put on my half tinted goggles and swim cap for when I wanted to feel neato in the shower. Nope, I intended to swim, and to swim well.
Remember, or well learn if you don't recall a tall lanky girl ending up on the wrong side of the pool, that I'm not a swimmer, but for my lovey dubby hubby wubby (what else could I say to make you sick) I will because this, is indeed "true love."