Monday, January 21, 2013

to shine each day

I got to sub in Christian's sunbeam class yesterday. All I can say is that anyone who is getting bored or falling asleep in church should go home and pray they get called to the primary--especially the sunbeams--it's always got a party going on.
Yes, Christian is in Sunbeams. Stephen feels reassured that we're a real family now because it's all just pretending until you've got a kid in the primary (just remember that all you parents who are reading this blog post in the middle of the night while feeding your hungry newborn--it's all just pretend).
On the subject of Stephen, I'm kind of in withdrawl having him go back to school. Christmas break is long for academics and I got spoiled with Stephen's constant working from home and the breaks he'd take talking to me and playing with the kids. Luckily my parents came out for a week just in time for the transition in which we had a blast going to Lancaster, the New Jersey beach, and the ever so exciting Lowes and Costco. Christian and Simeon adored having the extra attention and company and we were all sorry to see them go.
Updates on the kids anyone?
Simeon will point to the door when Stephen's gone and we're waiting for him to come home and say "Da!" It's heartbreaking. He's overcoming his shyness more than I expected and is actually turning out to be quite cheerful. He loves carrying around socks and bringing us books (though he doesn't usually sit long enough to read them). He's taking his sweet time learning to talk since he's pretty effective in communicating what he wants with brief screams if I wait to long between spoonfuls anything yummy or if Christian's stealing his toys again. His favorite book is a Look at Me baby book and he never seems to tire from it.
Christian is a chronically sleep deprived snuggle bug. Yes, the child who as a newborn would cover his eyes with his arm when he nursed so I couldn't study is adorable little face, now tenderly asks me to snuggle with him as he falls asleep. He's able to get out of his own room now (and has been for a while) and I'll frequently wake up in the wee hours with him beside the bed staring at me. Such a funny little goose. He has started to ask, "is today a beautiful day?" The other day he was singing "I'm a Child of God" but changed the words to say "I'm the child of God." He loves it when I make up stories about two brothers named Christiano and Simeano. I really need to read more fireman/cowboy stories because I'm all out of ideas. Luckily for me, he doesn't mind hearing how Christiano and Simeano save the day each time.