Monday, February 9, 2009

Green thumb anyone?

So Stephen and I are attempting to move beyond our frozen burritos and ramen noodles. Such that even when I saw Ramen noodles at 12 for a dollar at that crazy Macey’s sale last week, I left them alone to be grabbed by the next passerby willing to gain no nutritional value to his diet 12 times for a buck. We’ve improved substantially making whole-wheat bread, eating more fruits and vegetables . . . but still it’s been an interesting transition. I am not one who loves to cook, but I do enjoy eating the food that I have made (even if it is in a breadmaker). Not because it's more fresh or tasty, because quite frankly I'm not that particular when it comes to food. Rather, I enjoy fighting the system. It's an act of rebellion. Now whether or not this system I'm fighting is capitalism and as Marx would call the alienation from our labor, or if I'm rebelling against modernity and our false ideas of efficency I'm not quite sure. Anyway, the consequence of this sudden, almost teenage revolt, has been a sudden interest in square foot gardening and yurts.

The idea of square foot gardening that Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer, came up with and has been used to save time, water, and space in gardening.
Yurt photos
Sorry but if you want a lot of fun you should google "earthships"


Mary said...

I'm glad that you are adding a little varity in your diet. I actually like Ramen noodles, but try to avoid them when I'm pregnant and nursing because of the high MSG they contain. One suggestion my mission president's wife made for adding to their nutritional value would be to add an egg and a handful of frozen veggies in the boiling water while it cooks. Good luck with the gardening in yurts! Jared would definitely approve.

Ruth said...

Good to know you are starting to eat something... even if it is just veggies and wheat.

Beth said...

I love your blog! full of fresh, ripe Rachel. I mean, not that you smell ripe or anything (I know that's a use of the word ripe); your post just brought up all sorts of yummy images. Way to buck the system. I'll back you up in your healthy revolution.

Charles said...

A great essayist in this area is Wendell Berry. I have especially enjoyed Home Economics. See

Lisa said...

Hey--you do square foot gardening? So do we! We've got our sprouts started for this year and we're excited to get them in the ground next month. Gardening in Illinois has proved quite a challenge--too many bugs! But we're giving it another try this year. Let us know how yours goes!