Monday, August 6, 2012


Documentation for when my brain goes . . .
The combination of two family reunions, mountains, air-conditioning, and the hanging out with family all day brought us to the motherland for half the summer. It's been splendid and nothing is so heartwarming as the boys with all their kin.
I know, I know, pictures at last. Isn't that classic of Simeon? Thanks Becca! Simeon has taken a few steps the past couple days. I suppose we should keep our grainy camera handy the next couple weeks to capture those early Frankenstein steps. Simeon's facial features upon reaching Utah appeared to have been paralyzed into a perpetual glare. He made a remarkable effort to keep it that way, but let's face it, with such constant loving attention from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, he didn't stand a chance. He now shyly smiles, chortles, and laughs more than ever.
Christian has declared that he is not a boy or a girl--he's a cowboy. Luckily for us, a cowboy is loosely defined as anyone wearing a hat, this allows us to usually keep some sun protection on our little guy who is loving the Utah outdoors with the vast array of his Grandpa's hats. Even just now he made sure to add that we're thankful for horses and cowboys in our evening prayers. We've try to prepare him for the coming family reunion, including my brother Joseph. We think he's got him confused with Joseph Smith and a cowboy, let's hope it's not a disappointment. He also loves being a horse for Simeon which Simeon just adores.
"Go to time out" has been one of his favorite phrases lately, usually directed at his parents though Simeon's got it once or twice. You've guessed it, we're finally trying to figure out that whole discipline/not raising the world's youngest grappler champion and he might just be trying to give us a little discipline ourselves.
He has also has developed a habit of waking in the middle of the night and instead of going to his parents room, makes his way up the maze upstairs to wake his Grandma and Grandpa instead, we can't complain.
It's been a great trip so far even if we can't quite get our smiles down for the camera: