Sunday, February 7, 2016

tick tock--glasses rock!

Found a tick in Christian's scalp neck when giving the boys a bath tonight [this was written a week ago].  Luckily I could text a picture to my dad--have him confirm--then have our skilled bro-in-law Jared bring out the big guns to take the little critter out. (In case you're worried, it doesn't appear to be the kind that transmits Lyme's Disease).

Christian got glasses!  And no, he doesn't have a big bruise on his face--it's just weird shadows.

Despite having family near by, Stephen  and I hadn't been really taking advantage of the perfect opportunity to take a date night.  Took a picture to document my ridiculous need to replace my shoes and the end of a great film: Bridge of Spies.  Still not quite sure why anything with the Berlin Wall or Cold War is a favorite, but so it is.

I know, I can't get enough of those smiles either.

We bribed Christian with a cake two years ago for when he finished his 100 reading lessons. We took long breaks in between the lessons since I didn't want to push it on Christian, but finally we're done and he loves being able to read.

Friday, February 5, 2016