Monday, October 31, 2011

where's my medal?

I made it to and from the park with my two little guys, no stroller, and no other help. Both are still both alive. I know, I'm amazing.

A documentary Stephen and I really enjoyed lately was this one about our food. Unlike any PETA videos this doc isn't about making everyone into vegetarians or vegans, but does what I feel is a pretty good job presenting some legitimate concerns with the food industry:

I think you can watch the whole film on youtube, but I'm not sure.

Monday, October 24, 2011

3 years and a couple minutes

It's true. Stephen and I have been married for three years and about 4 minutes give or take a few. Who'd have thought I wouldn't be sick of him by now? It's pretty darn amazing. Granted every once in a while we have a silence and I think we're out of things to say, doomed to spend the rest of our lives pretending to like each other. Luckily Stephen always thinks of something quick and makes sure to bat his beautiful eyes and I'm reassured for the time being that it is worth being married to Stephen for the next couple days (if not eternity) for his good looks and good conversation. No really, I'm rather proud of Stephen. He's a good husband, delighted father of two, and a hard working PhD student. All he has to do now is turn 25 so he can rent a car. ha!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Si is cute as can be. He's a small one born at 5 lbs 6.8 oz but he nurses long and often which is exactly what we want this kiddo to do so he can grow plump like his big brother. Yup that's right, Christian has finally gotten a layer of chub around him and it is adorable. It's all I can do to keep myself from pinching him every time I see his sausage legs and bum running from me halfway during a diaper change. He's taken to Si quite well and loves to get praise for kissing and being gentle with him. Lest you think he is sweet with Si only to get attention I should let you know that his admiration extends to when they're alone as well. Two days ago I sent Christian to take a pillow into my room where I had Si sleeping in his co-sleeper on our tall bed. Before I knew it I heard a little cry. I ran down the hall to find Christian bending over Si giving him "kisses". Poor Si had red marks by his temple for the rest of the day. But hey, at least we know Christian likes him for him.

I've been recovering well and have taken advantage of my mom being in town and am sure I'll be just as eager to take advantage of my mother-in-law when she flies in later this week. I just sit and admire my nursing child most of the day, watch idly as Christian reeks havoc around the house, and then take naps when I can so that I'm not utterly exhausted. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when everybody goes home and I'm somehow suppose to nurse Simeon, entertain Christian, make food, and keep a decently clean house off of a couple hours of sleep, but luckily I won't have to worry about that for a little while longer. (Since women have been able to keep their families alive for thousands of years while also having children, I'm sure I'll survive somehow).

Stephen's been doing well too even though I kicked him out to the family room couch that is kind of hard and cramped so that I would have room to nurse and put Si in the co-sleeper. Hopefully we can get the beds worked out soon so Stephen's not stuck on the couch forever.

And now for what you've all been waiting for:

In the hospital:

Typical Christian:

We were thinking he was looking a little yellow so we thought we'd put him in indirect light just in case he had jaundice.

Eyes open:

Saturday, October 1, 2011