Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not a fan of waiting rooms or black

Turns out Simeon and Joshua both have ear aches. The doctor wouldn't look in Christian's ear since he didn't have an appointment, but pretty sure he has one too. He proscribed antibiotics, check-up in a month, and wait for it---- a visit to the ER. Yup, Simeon cut his lip while jumping off a chair in the waiting room (in his defense, we had been waiting 30 minutes in a very non-child friendly waiting room with only had an hour's nap and I think the ear fluid set off his otherwise decent balance). So we ended up leaving Christian at Lindsey's house and walking with Joshua and Simeon (and Stephen) to CHOP's ER. All is well, it just happened that the cut went ft very om the lip to the skin and it would have left a ugly scar--yay for cosmetics! Three stitches for our brave, but very worn out kid. Poor Simeon, I don't think the numbing had taken full effect when the doctor did the first threading and he screamed a new scream I had never heard him scream. After he got out he just held me and said "he hurt me!" over and over and asked for a band-aid. He wish was granted. Anyway, I think it may be some time before we tell him that Grandpa is a doctor.
As if the night wasn't crazy enough, on the walk home we heard breaks shrieking and a thump only to look behind us and see a woman being hit by a car. She just lay there and of course us being without our phone started ordering other people to call 911 since the only other guy responding was trying to film the guy who hit her because he thought he was going to do a hit and run (which he wasn't). We thought that she was somehow okay when she sat up and started asking for her glasses and her phone until someone said "you were hit by a car" and she said "I was?". She was wearing a black coat and couldn't be seen. I was also wearing a black coat and as I left I thought I made eye contact with the car I was going to walk in front of, but she just went anyway. Seeing that this isn't the first time cars have had a hard time seeing me, I think I ought to switch to neon colors for me and the rest of the family--stroller included.

Monday, March 10, 2014

M is for Misichief

A witty treatment of misbehavior common to childhood (and beyond) that is an excellent read for certain hellions of my household. Could be used for ages 4-11.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/02/opinion/sunday/kristof-the-compassion-gap.html Interesting read after seeing a man today whose car broke down (while taking three other car-less church members home last Sunday) and is unable to replace it, give money to a panhandler on Septa. Sigh.