Thursday, March 29, 2018

Back to the blog!

It looks like our gypsy years are coming to and end and we are beginning a new era of calm, stable bureaucracy life working for the federal government. Stephen has been hired as a statistician for the Census and we may or may not be closing on a house next month.  We're thrilled and wondering if the Smithsonians may start charging us rent and utilities for all the time we're planning on spending there.

That said, we're kind of bummed to be leaving our large amazing network of extended family and friends in the motherland.  But that's why we have a guest room for all of you guys to come visit!  Seriously, please come.  (Not sure if this correct, but I figure if you're still reading this blog we definitely want you to come visit).

What with leaving the extended family, half of which don't use instagram, and the fact that I'm super jealous of the rest of my more steady blogging bloggers who have regular updates about their kids that they can publish for their kids, I might start blogging more often.   Also the picture below has Stephen standing on a rock, he is not actually 7 ft.