Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christian quotes and Simeon tales

I was in the middle of telling Christian about everyone that loves him. I told him about his parents, grandparents, and cousins. I then asked in hopes to teach him of heavenly love: "Do you know who loves you more than anyone else?" He responded, "Uncle Jared!"
the entire trip in Utah, this is how Christian looked:
Now that we've come back, he can't stop talking about horses, uncle Andrew's house and riding a horse:
Despite his acute memory over this experience, he can't remember that he was absolutely terrified and it was all we could do to hold him up there.
One of my favorite memories from our summer was when the adults were all downstairs talking at the reunion with the kids asleep. Soon, however, Christian poked his head through the banister and asked when he heard us all laughing "Are you talking about cowboys and horses?"
So Christian somehow got a random recessive OCD gene. Stephen and I are about as opposite OCD as people can come and I thought we were raising Christian to be the same, but lately he has started caring cares more about his clothes than a teenage girl. It takes us an hour to get out the door simply because we're having him try five different pants until he gets just the right fit and look. Heaven forbid he ever discovers a mall with an endless supply of pants. Some pants to him look like "Joseph" pants of "Hyrum" pants. I don't know where he's getting this, but I'm blaming the church for this one.
Christian asked what the green book at church was. We informed him it was a hymnbook. He then asked, "It's a man-book?" Two Sundays ago we were sitting in church when a white man wearing a wearing a white shirt passed us with the Sacrament. Christian (very loud) started saying "White man bringing us the sacrament!" Or something to that effect. He started getting louder and all our African neighbors several rows behind us were bursting out laughing. I finally got him to be distracted and then a black man wearing a black suit started coming down the isle. "Is the black man going to bring us the sacrament?" Again, super loud. I think he was talking about the clothing, but sigh, I don't think I'd mind it if Christian stopped with the racially charged conversations.
On that note, I was at the playground with the kids. Christian had started following two older black boys around in 3rd and 5th grade. They were being sweet and soon started playing with Simeon too. One of them started looking at Simeon and said "Look! He's got blue eyes too!" The 3rd grader responded "All white people have blue eyes." The 5th grader quickly said "Don't say 'White' that's racist."
Simeon has started dancing with his hands and enjoys his mobility. We're trying to wean him as its become super painful again for me to nurse, but he's a stubborn fellow and I'm a sucker for his baby face. I did give him a new sippy cup for his birthday (yes, I'm going to be one of those mothers who gives underwear for Christmas presents) and he took it, kind of. Christian's starting to get a little jealous of Simeon, but still adores him too. There both at really fun stages right now and it's a thrill to see what they come up with.
Simeon's 7th cousin born within a year of him was born yesterday! (Congratulations Mary and Jared!) His newest little cousin, Thomas, is cute as cute, but has had some complications which has us all worried. Stephen and I were trying to explain to Christian that we needed to pray for the doctor's to help baby Thomas. We had showed Christian pictures of baby Thomas in the NICU and had prayed with Christian for him and the doctors. Today he kept talking to us about baby Thomas and said he didn't want to be worried for him. He also wanted to keep on praying for him. When he prayed, he prayed that the doctors would give him "nice nice pokeys." I guess that's maybe something I should pray for too.

stealing birthday cakes

"I'm going to steal Simeon's birthday cake. I'm going to steal his party." - Words from an older brother put out that his own birthday is not for another two months. Yes, it was Simeon's first birthday. There wasn't too much for Christian to steal--just some German pancakes with homemade syrup. Some friends dropped by and made it into a real birthday party.
The view from the hospital room Simeon was born in:
Simeon use to have a habit of crawling and getting stuck under our bed:
We couldn't be happier with our little Si.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simeon (and Christian) Walking

The priesthood are coming to warcraft my kids!

A recent email of Rachel's:

Hey, The rs activista The priesthood are comino to warcraft The kids.  Do You uñere stand my MessagePad with auto correcta?

Monday, September 10, 2012

On the rough streets of Philly

or rather in the homes:
An update of my first black eye.
This morning:
This Evening:
I know, I may be too embarrassed to go grocery shopping, but somehow I'm okay putting the pictures up on the blog.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who needs plastic surgery? Not me . .

Feel a need to look younger these days? Why spend thousands on a doctor (real or fake) to mess up your face when you can just have your child (accidentally) give you a massive goose egg/eyebrow raiser/botox in one for free?
Looking forward to a beautiful black eye tomorrow; I guess some kids give more than grey hairs and kisses.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wife or white?

Si started to walk in the airport of Phoenix on the way home (about four feet) and has continued to slowly walk more and more though he still finds crawling the fastest way to catch his prey. For future records that was Aug 24th.
After sleep training in Utah where we didn't have to worry about bothering an entire building, we finally got Si sleeping through the night. Upon returning we've put Si and Christian in the same room; it has been sweet as sweet. Often I can put them both down for naps or bed at the same and as long as Christian is there, Simeon doesn't cry. Of course I often hear squeals of laughter and Christian jumping around trying to entertain Simeon and throwing toys into Si's crib to entertain him, but eventually they both doze off. That's not to say that Christian doesn't do his fair share of waking his brother up too, but on the whole it's been a lot smoother than I imagined. The other day we were eating dinner (yes, I am pretending to be a real family and eat dinner together these days) when Christian came and told us he had an accident in the other room (okay, so maybe we're not together the entire time, but at one point we were). Stephen followed and asked where the accident was and Christian points to the dry floor. He then runs and slams the door and says "no more eating, let's play!" It was all a trap, that smart little fellow.
Now if you've read thus far, you may just be bored enough to enjoy the next story. I was down in a slightly rougher area of the city at the WIC office. The floors were sticky with some kid's urine (I was just grateful it wasn't my kid's--I'm not judging) and it was crowded. Christian was enjoying all the kids when a particularly cute little one year old girl came walking up by him in a pink flowered dress. She was probably 1/4 black and had blue eyes. He looked at her and said "she's pink!" then he started to call her wife. It was kind of cute, but a little awkward because the girl's mother thought he was saying "white" and looked at me funny. I just laughed and told Christian, that she wasn't his wife, she was just a girl. Then the girl's sister came up to Christian and he declared definitively, "another wife!"
Maybe our Mormon polygamous blood isn't out of the system after all.
For those interested in what the boys look like these days, there's a cute blog post of Becca's of Christian with her son Bronson at the Zoo: