Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If I'm a little fatter than normal, it's simply because we found out that Baylor has it's own Cannon Center of sorts, or student dining. Apparently staff and their families get a discount so it's $3.50 for an adult and children under seven are free.  While this may not be much of a deal for most families, being able to feed our family of five for $7 a meal is amazing!  Yes, we are going to have to help our kids with impulse control since pizza and desserts are there every day, but . . . this is seriously amazing.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


We tried school for a bit, but in the end, it was getting in the way of us having some great adventures.  Living close to Baylor we have access to kayaking in wetlands, beach, slackline, massive rock wall with child harnesses, swimming pools, zoo, and a children's museum.  So we've decided to stall on the public school for a year and plunge into homeschool.  All day school was just too much for me and for my curious little guy, he was obedient and well behaved, but it didn't light the flame we hoped it would.  He needs his quiet imaginative play. I could go on and on, but I won't bore you.  We're still experimenting, but I honestly think I'm a better mom when I have a challenge and feeling the responsibility of Christian's educational exploration is thrilling.  

Okay, Simeon is obsessed with Star Wars--yikes.  Christian is too.  It has something to do with their heathen Collett cousins introducing them to the dark side.  (Oh it's fun to call Colletts heathens).  Anyway, if you are planning on talking to Simeon in the near (and perhaps far) future, know that lightsabers and "Tar Boars" will come up.  

Joshua is talking more and more and is always begging us to read to him.  He begs me too hold him and then points to himself and says "mommy's baby".  I says "yes" and he smiles, reassured that there is no usurper in the works. That said, I see him growing older and choosing to join his brothers more and more. It seems our favorite family game is to ask Joshua a leading yes or no question and have him agree with us.  Joshua does a great job of entertaining with his responses.