Sunday, October 25, 2015

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We're finally settled here in good ole Waco and are discovering the charms of Texas.  As much as we loved the people and our lives in Philly---it is incredibly easier here.  Whether it's a transition out of Stephen being a PhD candidate, owning a vehicle, living closer to family, easier callings, older kids,  or perhaps the luxury of a garbage disposal; Stephen and I just couldn't stand the manageability of our lives any longer. That's right, Stephen and I have resorted to our faithful source of chaos, adventure, and endless entertainment--a baby.  I'm still early on and not due until June, but I have long discovered that women react in two different ways to good news.  Some are like Mary the mother of Jesus and hold these things in the heart, and some are like Mary Magdalene and tell everyone they meet. I'm pretty sure I couldn't be anything but the latter if I tried.   Yesterday we celebrated our 7th Anniversary.