Friday, February 8, 2013

though walking parades are nice

I realized last week that I never take pictures of my children.  In an age when it's never been easier, I think it might borderline parental neglect, but please don't tell the Department of Children and Family Services, I'm sure we've already got enough marks against us.

Stephen found out by mere chance yesterday that he only needs one more class after this semester.  I was kind of amazed that his classwork has gone by so fast (he still has a dissertation), and then I realized that I half assume he goes to campus and just eats free lunches all the time since he's never hungry when it's time for dinner. Yet from the Stata program he had running that I closed down to write this blog post, I suspect his program is a little more involved.

Anyway, life is good and now I'm in a deciding whether to get a car since we'll have three kids in August and I'm not sure I'm up to a walking parade everywhere we go. Unfortunately a car would require me getting a driver's license again--ugh! 

a few pictures (just in case the DCFS is wondering)

Simeon gets his girl