Monday, December 2, 2013

Christian stinks at hide and seek

It's true, he is really bad at it.  I seriously could hide half the day if I wanted to.  Lately I've found when I need to text someone or quickly finish reading something, I should simply suggest playing hide and seek. I usually let him wander for a couple minutes and then start making beeping noises so he doesn't think I've been eaten by monsters.
If he hides, he is usually so excited that his musical soul can't help but sing at the top of his lungs while hiding.

Stephen and I have been thinking about instruments for Christian.  He's still a little young and we're still a little poor, but daydreaming we try and think of something that is his style.

Since I think about the age of 11 when I saw Christmas around the world, I have deemed only three instruments for my kids:

The Cello
The Bagpipes
The Alp Horn

Christian has the volume for bagpipes, but I think he  needs an instrument that allows for more passion--I think I might just have to make an exception for a drummer.  Besides, while cello players get one stick/bow, drummers get two.  

I'm afraid that Simeon is using all his musical passion up at the age of two as he is still obsessed with piano guys and we can't even enjoy church without tantrums that we won't let him play during the Sacrament Meeting.  I'd love to see the same obsession when he is nine and we're paying for lessons.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what I have to do in life to be important enough for the following to be performed in my honor--preferably with all my boys in their Livingston/Donaldson kilts performing center stage:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The wrong kind of Indian

We didn't mean to make it a tradition, but laziness has an addictive element to it.  Yup, we hit up another Indian Restaurant for our Thanksgiving with our friends from upstairs.  I know, I know, but minus the green beans, I've never been much for traditional Thanksgiving, much less when I'm trying to tame my unpredictable cooking skills into something edible for guests.  If I have it my way, I think we'll do the wrong kind of Indian Thanksgiving every year, unless the Donaldsons/Vromans decide to tempt us back home by throwing another seafood Thanksgiving--or well any Thanksgiving at home with family.

Also this week I turned 29. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to feel old, but I have the feeling that as the youngest--as long as my siblings are living-- I will always feel young since they'll always be older than me.  That said, I am old---so old Christian asked me if I needed a wheelchair.  (oh it is so fun to have your child repeat your jokes back to you).  I might also feel young due to the fact that the average age of association during the day is 2.3 years old.