Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finally organizing my life

I was reading an article that mentioned the on-line personal finance software Quicken. I tried it out and am quite the fan. It keeps track of all your bank accounts, your transaction history, and how much you owe in the near future etc (including how much you owe on your credit card so it gives you your real total). It even has a nifty pie chart saying where the money is going. Best of all, it is free (though other versions are not, so make sure you go to quickenonline.com and use the sign in for quicken on-line.


As far as other organization? That is still to come. We do have the baby crib and changing table set up. The other week I made sugarless applesauce and froze it in zip-lock bags for when baby can eat solids (I didn't have time/skills/supplies to can so I took the easy way out). We're also probably going to get a pager so that when I go into labor (hopefully in 5 weeks), Stephen might just happen to get the message. The end.


Ruth said...

Thank you for the update. I wish there were an easier way to contact you. I can't wait for the lil' gentleman.

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart when I hear of people using financial tracking software. Seriously. Well done, you.

Jasmine said...

I love Quicken, too. (Although, we bought ours in a box.) It's liberating in a way, and definitely motivates me to keep track of receipts and spending.