Monday, November 2, 2009

"oh i'm sorry, was this your computer?"

So I can't quite decide if the increased library popularity is due to harder working students or the increased "no shhh" zone which allows rampant flirting. I'm half tempted to start flirting obnoxiously with Stephen until he agrees to take me home. (The best part would be that I have this pregnant belly, and he doesn't have his wedding ring on).

the end

(Writes Rachel who is waiting for Stephen to finish working on grad school applications so they can celebrate FHE singing the second verse of "once there was a snowman" that begins with the line "once there was an ivory tower." You can guess the rest.)


Ruth said...

what am I missing? Ivory tower?

Lori said...

. . . so the ivory tower is melting? That would be a bad sign for your grad school applications.

Rachel Leslie said...

The ivory tower is where all the academics sit detached from reality and muse over the little earthlings that surround them.
Ivory tower melting? That's right, we might not want it to melt too fast.