Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm afraid pictures are scarce these days as we continually forget or lose our phone--but trust me (I am a very unbiased authority on the matter) when I say these kids are the cutest little kiddos ever.

Simeon is experimenting with new sentences--usually commands, but we're just glad he's talking.  The family Christmas gift was an electric keyboard and he has loved playing away on it, not that it keeps him from pretending the window sill is one, but it helps to distract him from his neglected place of middle child, so we're keeping it.  

Christian is my story boy right now.  He will do anything for a story so we've been getting the dishes cleared and some help when I mop the floors.  He usually refuses to take a bath, but once we have him in, we can't get him out. He can pretend and dress up for hours.  It's so fun to see his imagination entertaining himself now.

Joshua is starting to do his baby blabbering and continues to surprise us with his smile in the midst of all the chaos at our house. His eyelashes are so long they curl at the end and his cheeks are getting just the right amount of chunk that he is becoming irrestible to kiss--I really hope something changes before he's a teenager.

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