Monday, October 31, 2011

where's my medal?

I made it to and from the park with my two little guys, no stroller, and no other help. Both are still both alive. I know, I'm amazing.

A documentary Stephen and I really enjoyed lately was this one about our food. Unlike any PETA videos this doc isn't about making everyone into vegetarians or vegans, but does what I feel is a pretty good job presenting some legitimate concerns with the food industry:

I think you can watch the whole film on youtube, but I'm not sure.


Ruth said...

good job getting around with two little ones. It is quite the adjustment. Scary clip.

Lori said...

Having gone somewhere with you, Christian, Simeon, and a stroller, I can definitely agree that you deserve a medal for making the trek to the park by yourself! I'm glad you guys got to get out a little bit. Hopefully we'll see you some more this week!

Mary said...

I've been afraid to watch that movie because I'm afraid it will make me want to go all organic and we really can't afford that. We try to eat as much from our garden as we can. By the way, our little Abby informed us that she doesn't want to eat meat anymore. We had previously explained about omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores, and I think she realized for the first time that she is actually eating animals when she eats meat.