Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is Christian probably running to find Ba-Pah.

Christian loved the Dinosaur Museum, though I suppose it's hard not to when you get to skip the stroller and instead get a ride on Ba-Pah's shoulders.

So Christian still does not say Mama or Dada, but he says Ba-Pah and sometimes it really sounds like Grandpa. He knows when we're pulling up into Ba-Pah's driveway, and calms down when he's angry in the car if we tell him we're going to Ba-Pah's house. When he goes in the house he searches every room until he finds his Ba-Pah. When he does, he doesn't leave his side unless it's to go on top of his shoulders as seen above. My own Grandpa sees this and says he's never seen a grandchild love his Grandpa so much, says he's like a third parent, and is worried about what it will do to him when we move. Sigh, me too. Poor kid will have to live with just a mom and dad that love him, how cruel.
Christian has also started calling other male people he likes Ba-Pah too such as his Opa which he adores and, as of yesterday, an Uncle Xan. Hopefully Mom and Dad will get names soon too. In the meantime, we'll let my Dad have his personal "Klingon" as he calls our little guy.


Ruth said...

That is especially cute. It's wonderful for him but also for you as parents.

Nicole said...

We miss the days that Hyrum only wanted his goes so quickly:).