Thursday, February 24, 2011

shameless bragging again

My sister once said that one of the best things about being married is that you always have someone to brag for you. Well, now that matrimony has given me bragging rites I think I'll use them.

After hours of waiting, working, and changing direction and focus we finally have some news worth sharing: Stephen's in!

UPenn (PhD in Soc/Demography)

Penn State (PhD in Soc/Demography)

London School of Economics (One year masters in Social Science research that would require some debt, but is still oh so tempting as it is one of the most competitive schools in Europe and let's face it, it'd be London)

He's also a finalist at Duke for their Soc PhD and is interviewing there at this very moment. We're hoping that he can exude that scholar nimbus he seems to carry with him always, and they'll admit him too.

Ohhwee Stephen!!!


Elizabeth said...

How exciting! Some lucky school will be lucky to snag your family. What a fun adventure!

Ruth said...

We are so happy that you guys have such great options!

Celeste said...

Yay! Congrats! I didn't know Stephen was going to do Soc?? Cool

Krista said...

I'm with Celeste! Since when is Stephen interested in Sociology??? I thought he was PlSc! Does he know he'll need to become much more liberal to fit in these programs? :)

CONGRATULATIONS!! So good to know what a difference a year makes if I end up needing it too!!

Lori said...

So exciting! I love the pictures--they look very Ivy-Leagueish/cool.

Jenny said...

Congrats! It's so great to have lots of options. We have more Duke and UPenn info for you...I'll try calling you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Very good news! Congrats!! Though of course, this means you won't be able to visit us in our'll be too far away! Boo. :)

Tonya said...

GO Upenn! Then we can visit you! :) Congratulations on having direction in life!