Friday, February 25, 2011

While he's gone

Stephen's sleeping in the airport overnight, well sleeping might be a little too wishful of a verb. Yes, we're too cheap to have him sleep in a hotel and too shy to take a family friend's offer to have him stay at her house. [If anyone reading this happens to be the serial killer type and decide to make a call to our apartment in between when his flight leaves and when he is home I just want to make it clear that I will have severed your limbs before you have time to tell me you accidentally went to the wrong apartment.]

Anyway, this trip has been incredibly insightful for me to realize how I miss Stephen's g-chat signal being green and that it might be a good idea to get a cell phone that can actually rings when you call it, doesn't have a four second delay when you talk, and doesn't require wifi. I know, I'm so demanding wanting communication in a marriage.

To pass the time, I thought I'd put a few videos up. The first is a youtube video that compels me to believe in humanity, at least our ability to come together to be seen on the Internet, as well as reach down into that traveling bug inside of me that I thought was dead and give it a chance to dance too. I'm not sure the video will do either for you, but it does provide great cleaning music. Pardon the title.

The second is an older country song my sisters use to sing (I think I had the words memorized before I heard the original). I'm including this version because there's an extra verse I had never heard before and I probably looked as sad as the woman playing the guitar when I hadn't been able to talk with Stephen for two and a half days. Luckily he has since called and I look more like the maniacs in the above movie. (For the record, I'm not this needy and Stephen is not abusive and called me when he could. I just like pretending he's neglectful so that I can relate to sad 80's country music now and then.)


Ruth said...

ha, ha. Rachel. Our poor husbands to have wives that listen to really sad country songs when they are out of town and don't call enough. Yes, that first youtube is awesome, isn't it? It makes me feel a real sense of missionary work. love you. Hope Stephen remembers to call you today. ;)

Mary said...

You're funny. I think Stephen needs you just as much as you need him, it's just we women have the need to talk a little more than the men-folk do. Cells phones are definitely nice. Maybe you could spring for a pre-paid next time he leaves town.

Emily Nelson said...

RACHEL! That first video is my favorite YouTube video, hands down, in the whole world, and I love that you like it. It also compels me to believe in humanity and to remember that we're all so much more alike than we are sometimes aware.

Oh, and I'm sorry you missed your husband and everything.

Nicole said...

We're sorry for taking everyone's parents away when they had husband's out of town/in town, etc... It was, however, a nice break for us as we're ending the second of three months with Joseph in and out of town:). He'll be gone all of next week in San Antonio, I hope he calls me in the evenings, we don't know what we'd do without cell phones for the past 4 years! But thanks for lending us grandma and grandpa for the week! Wish we were closer and could just all hang out together while our husbands are away!!!