Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The secret of PERC

No one ever told me. I lived in ignorance. Until one day (today) my mother-in-law took me down to the basement of the Orem Library to find the room of toys and books that most children and their parents could only hope for.

It's great for nursery and primary lessons (they have all the scripture flannel board thingies) or for you kids, or ESL class. I'm frugal nuthead when it comes to myself, but I do find it hard when I've got one adorable little boy to not spend all our money (Stephen would insert here "What money?") on our Kumquat. That is why I think the PERC is great, you can go and check out the toys and movies and not have to spend the money. They have everything from signing time DVDs to multiplication games.

Feel free to check out the library with all its perks including PERC at http://lib.orem.org/.


Mary said...

Very cool. I wish we had a PERC program here.

Jenny said...

Awesome. The Orem and Provo libraries are the best.