Tuesday, August 17, 2010

San Diego Days

As usual we had a scare with the airplane. Christian had poked my eye yesterday and I didn't think much of it, but it was sealed shut this morning and it hurt to look at the light. We went to do a quick stop by my favorite Ophthalmologist and he taped my eye shut and gave me a patch for the next day and a half for my "cornea abrasion." This was somewhat unexpected and we ended up racing to the airport to make it just in time. We were so happy we almost didn't notice all the people trying not to stare but staring at my pirate imitation. I think I scared the 10 year old sitting next to me half to death.
Now we're here with my sister Ruth and her two little boys and brand new baby girl for at least the next week when we'll drive their old car back. Ohhwee!!!
Christian was a trooper, though it was a little rough for him at the end. Yay for ice cubes in the drinks from the stewardess.

Pictures of kumquat coming soon.


Mary said...

Have fun in California with Ruth. I'm sure the boys will love all the extra attention while their daddy is gone.

Andria said...

I once had to wear an eye patch for a few days. It was NOT fun (And I didn't even have a nine month old trying to grab it 24/7). I hope it heals quickly. So grateful for that "favorite Opthamologist" of yours.