Friday, April 16, 2010

Cousins for Christian

So our little fellow is going to have five cousins his same age between the two clans. The two most recent were just born:


Chloe (name of my grandmother):

Aren't they adorable? I only have one cousin my same age, but Christian gets five!
He's such a lucky duck.


Ruth said...

so cute!

hukolb said...

How fun, all these kiddos so close! I hope you didn't post this one becuase you thought I was opposed to the picture with me in it, it was fine. I just realized after looking at all the pictures with me in it, next time I may opt not to have pictures taken of me right after delivery:). Thanks Rachel, its fun to see our little girl on someone's blog:) Hopefully ours soon!

Sondra said...

I grew up with a lot of my cousins, too. Fun times. So I'm glad Christian has someone to play with when he's older!