Monday, March 1, 2010

Roommate drama

I've considered going to those off campus housing roommate conflict resolution classes because it is really out of control:

-refuses to talk to me about problems without his raising voice
-leaves his socks all over the place
-never transfers his wash
-if he stays awake in Sacrament meeting, he falls asleep in Sunday school
-hasn't done the dishes since who knows when
-gaining weight and doesn't care
-stays up late and sleeps in like there's no tomorrow
-insists on always using the elevator over the stairs
-sometimes I find him crying over nothing
-thinks my side of the bed is more comfortable

Worst of all . . .

-he stole my Stephen's heart!


Sondra said...

Cute post! I love it!

Erin said...

Rachel, you are hillarious! I absolutely love this post.

Anonymous said...

LOL Rachel! Of course, I think you missed a few things. How about wreaked havoc with your hormones, gave you the worst heartburn of your life, and gave you horrific charley horses...all before he formally moved in :)

Mary said...

Two words: How embarassing.

Jenny said...

Ha ha, too funny!

Ruth said...

very cute Rachie

Astromom said...

I was affronted thinking at first you were talking about Stephen, then I thought wait, I don't think that sounds like Stephen, very tricky, very cute.

Andria said...

I've shared this post with so many of my friends. I love it!!