Sunday, February 2, 2014


Christian was on google+ chatting away with his cousin Nathan earlier tonight.  The two have become great friends since Christmas break when they realized they both had a soft spot for spontaneous ambushes.  The two showed each other their nifty knight toys, swords, and armor (Nathan's was Costco Halloween Costume Century--Christian's pertained to the Beanbag Era--both were throughly impressed).  Nathan told his mom that he wanted to go to Christian's house.  After his mom explained how financially impractical it was, Christian replied "Oh I have an idea!  We have lots and lots and lots of money and we can come to your house--- tomorrow!"   

This may be a good turn around since earlier this week he started crying uncontrollably when Stephen told him that we had run out of our allotment for food and so we couldn't buy whatever item he had just demanded we go buy.  It was several minutes before we realized that he thought we had no money at all and reassured him we had enough and would have more in just a couple days.  He was actually really sweet about it because when I was about to buy something else the next day he said "wait, but we don't have any money!"   Oh he'll be such great budgeter. 

Speaking of money, I happened to get some earlier this week.  I was browsing through some children's books and toys that had been left on the side of the street for the taking when a middle aged black woman came up and handed me some cash folded up.  I said "oh you don't need to" but she held it out and I felt rude not taking it.  I'm not sure if we were looking especially ragged that day (Simeon may or may not have been in his pajamas with boots on) or if she just wanted to help a young mama out, but it was given with compassion and I respect her for it.  And well, we may need the money for that flight to Seattle tomorrow! :)


Mary said...

Nathan loved doing Google hangout with Christian. He asked if he could talk to Christian again tonight, but it was too late your time. I'm glad they have become such good friends.

Anonymous said...

Yay for blog posts! And Russians. :) I'm not sure our frugal messages are getting across to Addison quite as well. We keep telling her we're rich in love and family, and she says she wants to be rich in MONEY! Good luck, kid.