Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hooray for the brave firemen!

I am not above complaining, and if you've talked to me lately, you've probably already heard my repetitive regrets that human hibernation research is so underfunded. But these days I'm afraid our library visits are confined to personal collection and the overdue books we got four weeks ago that I refuse to return until I can go outside without the air hurting my face. (thanks Carl for passing that one on).
So this week's Cranney Classic is the book I can get Simeon to read, even when the only other thing he wants to do is watch piano guys and Christian has had memorized for over a year and still comes to snuggle up and read beside me:


Ruth said...

I need to check that one out!

Astromom said...

I love little Golden books, most of them are great quality.

Unknown said...