Monday, April 2, 2012

earthquakes? famines? war?

I don't care; it's potty training time: my sole preoccupation. This is probably not the time (and probably won't be for a while) to skype or phone unless you want me bragging about Christian's success loud enough for him to hear, or in hushed tones grousing at how many loads of laundry we're doing. Either way we're done buying diapers for the boy.

Other info:

Yesterday I realized that Christian has started telling his first jokes. He'll point to a toy and say "Thomas?" when he knows it is Rosie and then smile from ear to ear and say "noooooo" and then laughs hysterically.

Simeon just turned six months and I'm wondering where the time went. He's chunked up significantly, such that he's grown an extra chin. He loves to gaze at Stephen and what with Stephen's shaved head they're beginning to look quite a bit like each other.

I've chosen an abandoned garden plot and am eager to get it cleared to see what I can grow. Stephen, though not a fan of gardening, supports me by coming home and watching the boys wander and daydream outside in the open area while I garden, it's pretty nice setup for the end of the day. It'll be perfect if I can actually get anything other than weeds to grow.


Erin said...

Oh I am so glad you are gardening! I think it is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day. I signed up for a garden plot here, but I am like # 20 on the waiting list, so it will probably be a year before I can do it. :( Thanks for the post, they always make me smile!

Ruth said...

good for you. potty training is an adventure! gardening sounds nice.

Mary said...

Potty training is way overrated. I love Christian's "jokes." He is so cute. I'd love to see pictures of what Stephen looks like with a shaved head, so please post some pictures next time, and good luck with the gardening!

Andria said...

I'm going to Skype you this morning just so I can hear you brag about Christian. Besides, I want to give him my own personal, verbal support!

This was a sweet update on everything going on at your house.