Sunday, September 11, 2011

Indoor plants?

Oops, I accidentally posted before I was done and got distracted (thanks for the reminder Hosander)

Our apartment is on ground level and thus we get quite a bit of exposure to gas exhaust from cars (I can complain about them now that we don't have one) and cigarette smoke from people who upon noticing our open window (we don't have air conditioning) decide there's no place like our place to take a puff. I have since become rather keen on the idea of getting some indoor plants to get rid of the toxins that may be inside our home. Our apartment is actually great for plants as the long side of the apartment faces south and so all the windows let in plenty of light. Stephen, however, has a bone (or two) to pick with plants in general as time and money consuming, so I've tried to find some other compelling reasons to justify home plants.

The following are some interesting ones:

indoor plants help make better students and workers


I thought this was a pretty good heads up of things to think about before getting some house plants:

If you have kiddos or pets remember that some houseplants are actually poisonous so pick wisely.


hosander said...

haven't you learned to cite your sources yet?

Prove this.

Ruth said...

ditto - I bet it isn't even a peer reviewed study....What am I doing reading a blog written by mere earthings?