Sunday, May 8, 2011

Motherly Advice

So I knew today was Mother's Day, but until Stephen nudged me today in church and told me it was Mother's Day and gave me a "oops I forgot" look, I forgot that I fit in that classification. I was thinking as Christian laid his head on my shoulder, the way he usually only does right before we put him to bed and he's trying to stay up longer, I thought how much I simply love being a mama to my little guy. As I thought about why I might like it and why some people go crazy with it, it occurred to me that I should write a parenting book and make loads of money (that when I carry it I'm as big as a camel). I would of course make the book very thick, but the only words would be: Get your sleep. I am sure that so many problems people have with parenthood is simply because they don't get enough sleep. Thankfully with one pretty good sleeper I've been able to do that so far. It helps that now that I'm done nursing Stephen's the one who gets him his bottle (yes he still has a bottle) at night. I just hit wake up Stephen and he so sweetly gets up and gets him what he needs (much better than flowers on mother's day). I also found that while nursing, co-sleeping was the only way I coped. The problem is what we'll do with number two, let's hope the next one is a decent sleeper too, or we're in trouble!

But speaking of mothers, my sis-in-law Robin just became one again:

Let's admit it, the one thing I like more then matchmaking is seeing more kiddos, especially when it means more cousins for little kiddos.

p.s. Don't worry, Stephen treated me like a queen all Mother's Day once he remembered.


Mary said...

Happy Mother's day. You are a great mom! I think one thing you do well is taking the time to cherish the moments you have with Christian. I'm afraid I'm more of a Martha than a Mary sometimes.

Ruth said...

i agree w/mary

Becca Bird said...

yeah for moms and especially you! You are such a great wife and mother. Stephen and Christian don't even know how good they've got it!

Nicole said...

Yes, it is wonderful when you enjoy your children, play with them and listen to them and then get much needed sleep. I'm afraid I'm with Mary and Ruth and tend to be Martha and don't do either. It makes me sad to realize all the moments I might have missed while trying to keep up with everything else. But what else can you do, laundry needs to be done, kitchens cleaned and meals made. So I try to enjoy the little things and make more time for the kids and actually focus on them instead of trying to get them entertained by themselves so I can do something else "more important". And for some reason I haven't convinced/had Joseph around long enough for him to take the night shift. Remember they have to work and study, too:). Happy Mother's day!

Tonya said...

Well Happy Mothers Day to you! Hey when are you guys leaving Utah?