Friday, March 18, 2011

words words words

So Kumquat is one of the strong silent type, well he's actually not that silent, but as of yet doesn't say too many words. Here are his chosen few:

Jesus (je-ja) He has since forgotten this one, but learned it when I kept pointing to the Jesus painting we have in his room over and over again after hearing a baby a month younger than him saying it at church. He said this around Christmas time, and my father and Stephen are witness to it.

Ball (Bahl) He has not forgotten this word and it replaced Jesus for a while. We're hoping this is not an indicator of a future career in basketball over religion. After a while he remembered Jesus, but our heathen has since forgotten again.

Grandpa (Bah-Pah) It's true, he loves his Grandpa more than he loves his parents at the moment and will shout this over and over even when we simply pull up in the driveway.

Opa (O-a) The same week he started saying Bah-Pah he also started Opa. This kid loves his grandads.

Outside (da-da) We're not sure if this means to leave (such as he sees his dad leave all the time and thus associates the door with dad, or outside.

Mama (mamamamamamama) He might have been saying this for a while but he'd only do it when he was complaining which makes me wonder what he thinks a mother is. Today I think he finally said it to call for me.


emilyf said...

haha Rachel you're so funny. New words are so fun to watch materialize on little lips!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute boy!! Connor's favorite words are, french fry, coka cola and cookie obviously the boy loves his food! Philly will be awesome, I bet you are pumped!!! Congrats!!

Sondra said...

hahaha! I have a two year old nephew and a one year old niece who are in this same talking stage. Those kids say the funniest things! It's adorable!