Tuesday, November 30, 2010


the days of dressing Kumquat in his diaper are over. Not because it is finally winter (I keep my apartment where we don't pay for heating to 85 degrees nearly all the time) but that he thinks its a good joke to take off his diaper and show us his cute little cottage cheese bum.


Ruth said...

oh goodness. You may have to start using tape and backwards pjs.

Astromom said...

Ok, Kumquat is what I associate with a baby in your tummy, so I was a little confused, do you really still call him kumquat, he is just Christian boy to me. Thanks for putting the pictures up, very cute, I'm still listening to the song.

Anonymous said...

Neal and I were just talking tonight about wishing we had a place that we could just put our little naked girl down and let her enjoy herself without soiling anything. Cottage cheese bums are the best...and I, for one, don't see enough of them :)