Monday, October 25, 2010

Mere Christianity

I was going to take advantage of this blog being private and have a picture of Christian in the nude and call it Mere Christianity, but I thought it was a little blasphemous, so you get this thoughtful look instead:

p.s.In a conversation with a sister, she mentioned that perhaps one of the reasons our culture has so many problems is that we focus so much on weddings and not anniversaries which actually make the wedding meaningful. So in honor of our 2 year anniversary yesterday (the 24th) I say "Hip Hip Hooray!" and more importantly "No Nobis".


Ruth said...

I'm with you- Non nobis domine. What blessings to have my clever little sister come home from Brazil, choose a day to get married then meet the guy, fall off her bike trying to answer a phone call from me (obviously head over heels for this guy), marry him on the very date she had wanted to get married and have a darling little boy the next year Quite enjoyable for me to watch all these blessings during such a short span of time. Stephen and Christian have been such wonderful additions to the family. Way to make it two years!

Lori said...

Wow--two years already! That's great. And Christian's adorable.

Mary said...

Congratulations! Christian is so cute!