Saturday, July 31, 2010

second brothers and sisters

Recently I was told that the literal translation of cousin from Russian to English is "second brother". Kumquat has been lucky to get 5 cousins within a year from his birth from both the Cranney and Donaldson side. I hope they really can be like second brothers and sisters to Kumquat. Here is the newest: Grace Kaylee Grey 8lbs 11 oz 20 inches:

Here are the rest of the lookers born within a year of Christian:

Bronson has an adorable smile, but we love his pout. Christian apparently does too since he has a face full of glee when Bronson cries. We're working on keeping Christian's fingers out of Bronson's eye sockets, and Bronson's hands away from Christian's teeth.

Chloe that we still haven't met yet, but we can hardly wait until September when we meet my grandmother Vroman's namesake. That pursing of the lips is something handed down the generations from my Grandmother, to my mother, and Stephen says I do it too as seen here.

Alex is a long string bean, and about as quiet as one. Every once in a while he lets out a little sigh, but that's about the most we've heard from this happy calm baby.

Nathan is visiting now and Christian has fun trying to tackle him and nurse from his supple thighs.


Jared said...

I'm not sure how I feel about your child trying to nurse from Nathan's thighs. Cute pictures of Grace. There, I made a comment, ok!? =)

Mary said...

I think the last little baby is the cutest.