Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're trying to make him an X-man





He's got jaundis, but luckily we were able to take him home anyways and he just has to spend as much possible time in his bed as possible.
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Ruth said...

What a cutie!

Amy said...

Olivia had that too. It was annoying, but nice once she was done with it. She had to be in a light bed though--yours looks a bit nicer :)

And he is SO cute! So excited for you guys :)

Elisabeth said...

Miles had the bili-bed too! It wasn't too bad and his jaundice levels went down eventually. The only time it was annoying was when he would spit up or have a diaper blowout when he was on it and we had to clean it out...hope you guys are doing great!

Sondra said...

How did ya'll get the blankets to glow like that?
Congratulations on Christian. He's adorable!