Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"In some Latin American cultures, a pregnant woman’s cravings are considered very important. If a mother's cravings are not satisfied, the baby might be born with unpleasant personality traits or physical
characteristics associated with the food. For example, if the mother craves strawberries
and does not eat them, the baby might have strawberry spots (Neria)."


and so . . . it's a good thing Stephen bought me those raspberries the other day.

"La cuarentena refers to the forty-day period after childbirth allowed for a new
mother to rest and adjust to motherhood. Family members take care of household chores
so that the new mother may dedicate herself to this time of special bonding with her

Hmm, this doesn't sound too bad either.


Ruth said...

Please remind me to read this post again. I love it!

Tonya said...

Good thing your baby won't have raspberry spots now!

Nicole said...

Yes, this is great to know:)! I agree with the rest period, if only we lived closer as you mentioned in the other post about kinship:). It is important like Pres. Kimball said to define your own marriage and family but it is also great in the eternal perspective to build lasting bonds with our extended family as well. Its not like in the old days when everyone stayed in the same place together! Sometimes I think that would be nice:). Hope you are well!